5 reasons why you should join Introweek

There are more than few reasons why we highly suggest joining the Introweek events. The main idea of Introweek is to make the transition to university life smoother, provide you with information about studies and give you opportunities to connect with EBSters.
5 reasons you should participate in Introweek:
1. Most likely this will be the only time, where you can see all the 1st year students together in one place. It is a great way to meet and mingle with people not only from your course. We have students from all over the world – take this moment to learn something and give them warm welcome!

2. At EBS we’re all about making meaningful connections, so Introweek gives you an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow EBSters, faculty members and alumni.

3. In seminars you will learn some useful tips about motivation goal setting and designing your learning path. Both topics are important to make your study experience even better.  

4. The information sessions will answer most of your study-related questions starting with what study platforms are used in EBS and what to look forward to in your studies.  Ask questions directly from your study consultant, who is here to support you on your study journey. 

5. You will get the chance to visit new spots in Tallinn. But most of all – you can kick back and have FUN!