Seminar: Motivation & Goal Setting (G-III, eng)

August 27, 2024
14:00 - 15:30
Estonian Business School, Lauteri 3, room 413
Exchange students, Impactful Entrepreneurship, International Business Administration students, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration (daytime studies)
During the seminars you will have an opportunity to get to know your fellow freshmen, acquire knowledge for successful studies at EBS and most important – have fun!
The seminars are done in an interactive workshop format and include team-building activities.
Topics of the seminar “Motivation & Goal setting” :
  • Getting to know fellow freshmen
  • Expectations towards university life and studies,
  • How to keep your focus on studies
  • You, studies and motivation

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  • You have the possibility to choose the most relevant time to attend.  
  • Please make sure you check the language (Estonian and English) of the seminar, when you register!
  • Make sure that it doesn’t overlap with your mandatory infosession!
  • Choose only one time slot – if you do multiple registrations we consider the last one as the final time
  • Registration for the seminars will be closed on August 28