Exclusive party on the sea

Introweek is about bonding and making new connections with the people you are probably spending your next year together with.  

After you have done all the serious networking and informative activities, it’s time to let loose and just enjoy the atmosphere for a moment… to meet even more fun and exciting people, have a few drinks and dance your ass off! And what better way is to do that than have a little (OR A BIG) party?


For that exact reason there will be a PARTY ON A BOAT! How awesome is that!?

We will take you to the Tallinn Bay with a private cruise ship “Mojito” – a real party boat, ay!?
There will also be a free welcoming drink, variety of drinks with a great price, good people, fresh air, sea breeze, entertainment on the boat and unforgettable views for those enviable Instagram posts!


So, when and where you ask?
The party will take place on Wednesday, August 26. Old City Marina.

It does not matter if you come alone or with friends – you will have a great time!
So register and find more info here – and be quick about it 😉 because the spots are limited!