First impressions

Introweek has started on a great note. We were very pleased to see all of you who have made it to EBS!

Most of you have already collected your wristbands and goodie bags – it was a pleasure to see so many of you at the Info desk!
But if you still not have collected your items, please do it as soon as possible, since you will need them to participate at our events, get discounts in different places over the town, and more…
Of course, don’t hesitate to ask questions at the Infodesk if anything has been on your mind 🙂

Monday and Tuesday have been very educational to all of you, since you have all had your information sessions and opening ceremony. Got to know our cozy house a little bit better, and even already had your first study sessions. We hope that you got some useful knowledge to use in the future!

For the international students, these days have been filled with getting to know the scene. They already got to discover Käsmu – Oandu – Viru bog on Monday.
And, on Tuesday, our lovely Erasmus students got to go to the Open Air Museum to learn about Estonia’s life and history.

Tuesday night was filled with networking and spending time with fellow ebsters at O’Learys sports bar. We were happy to see so many faces having a good time there, participating in games and finding new friends!

It has been fun!

Check out some cool pictures down below!

And find the whole gallery here!