Important information about today’s Photohunt!

Bad news – good news situation!

As god has been playing tricks on us with the weather today, we have no option but to cancel tonight’s Photohunt. We care about our students and would not want anyone to get a flu or feel uncomfortable.

This is the end of the bad news part, let’s move to the good news!!

So instead of running around in the Old Town like in a romantic drama (rain vibes) we have a solution!

You are all invited to (already your favorite bar) : NIMETA BAAR, Suur-karja 4, at 18:00!

All the beers and ciders for Ebsters are -10%! (by showing your wristband)

Let’s all come together for a nice evening, to a warm and fun Nimeta bar!

(We can have a romantic drama moment as we are walking home in the rain… )