Introweek’s practical gameplay

Hey, new fellow ebsters!

If you have heard that EBS is a practical and fun university and are heading to our direction to check it out for yourself, then we are sure that you will certainly like what we have to offer at Introweek!

Want to get ahead of the others in life by simply having fun? Or do you want to want know how to understand your potential customers better? Do you want to understand other people better? Or do you just like to solve mysteries?

On Thursday, August 27, there is a fun, special and educational game taking place, and it’s specially made to meet our minds’ needs!


• Why empathy builds BETTER PRODUCTS and services

• Why are LIMITING MIND PATTERNS keeping us from feeling empathy

• How to increase your team’s WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE


Your team’s task is to solve a mystery character’s problem and by doing so you will change the way you think and analyse situations and become more empathetic and likely to succeed in business and in life in general.

To get missing info about the mystery character, you can use three different actions:




You need to iterate between those and try to make sense of the information in between.


Want to have a little preview of this awesome event to know a bit more?
Of course – just click HERE
to watch a video!

The game is suitable for anyone even slightly ambitious! So be brave, give your success a little lead start and join us by registering yourself HERE!