Mid-week fun

While first days of the week were only a mild introduction to the introweek programme, the third and fourth day of the showed us all that the new ebsters are really fun people!


The day started with study sessions coming to an end, Erasmus students had a nice tour around our charming Tallinn Old Town and the evening ended with banger for everyone.

The Boat Party was a huge success. People were dancing so hard that the second floor turned into a trampoline, singing so loudly that you could not hear anything else, and there could be many people bonding with each other as a little family. The boat trip came to an end alongside with the most beautiful pink sunset on the sea.
Which was a pleasant surprise, was that almost everyone from the boat came to the Suveterrass to enjoy the after chill and the night continued for hours…

At the same time, some of the finns had fun at their own evening programme “Viroke” with HEBSry.


A day filled with different activities for all tastes. People went to yoga, painting, beer tasting, olympics, mindset changing thinking game and a business related quiz. So everyone could enjoy what they wanted.

New ebsters could give a freshman oath and sacrifice their souls to EBS 🙂 …

…Which was followed by a crazy Pub Crawl that all the participants seemed to enjoy.
They played games and competed with each other while getting to know their teams and have some Thursday night fun. The crawl ended in Route 33 where they sang karaoke, continued the party, and all the winners got their well deserved prizes.