Mid-week recap

Today is the mid-week dedicated to the EBS newcomers! We are more than happy to see you all together at our EBS campus, so let’s go over what have we already been doing:


Introweek started already on Sunday with a Roosta Boot camp for our new Master students. The two days spent at Roosta were amazing, Master students enjoyed their coaching sessions and networking until morning.

Also, we had a series of events for our international students, where they received the most significant information about settling in Estonia and discovered the scenic Tallinn’s Old Town.

The opening Ceremony was one of the most memorable events this week! Our Head of Bachelor’s studies, Anto Liivat, and the Head of Master’s studies, Jim Seltenrijch gave a fun performance to our newcomers! They had a special quiz for all the participants. With questions such as: Who out of them, two owns 2 cats? Or, was EBS’s first lecture held on the island of Saaremaa? … If you would have been there, you would know.


The second day of Introweek started with a seminar called “Motivation and Setting Goals”, which was followed by info sessions.

The day concluded with hunting for treasures that built a special memory for our newcomers. Almost 90 students participated in a funny game Scavenger Hunt and were rewarded with gifts from our sponsors.


The 3d day started with a seminar dedicated to shaping learning paths where students got to know how to benefit from the learning environment, take a lead in learning, and acquire helpful tips and practical skills.

That was followed by a lecture about Mental Health, conducted by Dina Smoljakova, where students had mindfulness exercises and revealed how to keep mentally fit. After that, we had a lecture about Investing. Within the outstanding speech by Alumnus and Co-Founder of Landex and Finbay – Randy Padar, students got to know about investing and enterprising lifestyles. Continued with the lecture about Marketing we discovered the main marketing trends for the upcoming future: technology, customer psychology, and behavior.

The day ended with an unforgettable sunset, fresh air, and a breeze on a boat. Those who preferred to stay in the city – enjoyed an amusing beer-pong party.