Mid-week recap

Wellll, the first half of Introweek is over and we are almost ready to end the week with our grand finale EBStival! But first, let’s look back at what have we already been doing.


Introweek started with a Bootcamp in Roost for our new Master students, which was followed by the Opening Ceremony! The two day Bootcamp was a total success! Master students enjoyed their coaching sessions and networking until morning.

Opening Ceremony was amazing! Our Head of Bachelor’s studies, Anto Liivat and the Head of Master’s studies, Jim Seltenrijch gave a fun performance to our newcomers! They had a special quiz for all the participants. With questions such as: Who out of them two owns 2 cats? Or, was EBS’s first lecture held on the island of Saaremaa? … If you would have been there, you would know 😀

puppy vow
student council


The second day of Introweek started with a seminar called “Motivation and Setting Goals”. Which was followed by info sessions and a quick overview of our IT systems.

The day ended with a Quiz night in Beer Garden and boy, it was fun! The choice of questions was so beautifully random. Can you list the Kardashians by age? How many elements are there on the periodic table? Guess the noise … and a random scream came which ended up being from a dolphin 😀

ebs quiz night
quiz night winners


Wow, was this a busy day, almost like a real school day even. Lecture on top of a lecture on top of a seminar!

We had a seminar “The Most Common Learning Techniques”, the aim for this was to help our newcomers to get into the right mindset for studying at EBS.

That was followed by a lecture about Circular Economy and a lecture about Investing, by EBS Alumnus Randy Padar.

For our Erasmus’ we arranged a little seminar on “How to Become an Estonian!” – since it is not as easy as it seems. But well, they did great and we hope they are at least like 10% more Estonian than they were before.

The day ended with a lecture on mental health. In this rapidly evolving world we sometimes might forget to take care of ourselves, so we got some tips and tricks how to be more mentally fit!