Registration ABC

Time to go back to school and go over a few ABC’s. We want to make sure that any of you wouldn’t experience any troubles during the Introweek, so let us show you, how to take part of all our amazing events, seminars, parties, as you need to sign up, where registration is needed.

Registration for the events in Tallinn starts on 23 August at 10:00!


From the info desk, you will receive your wristband, which is needed to take part of all the activities during Introweek.

Every study group has their own color – keep this in mind while checking which event you are going to join!

Some events are only for certain study groups, but when there is a tag “Everyone”, it means the event is for all of you!

Where is the registration needed?

Tallinn’s students:

Registration is needed for three events, and the spots are limited! For other events, there is no need for registration – just come and join.

Helsinki students:

EBS Helsinki students, who want to join the programme in Tallinn on 26 and 27 August, please send an email to latest 23 August.

Master’s students: (with the exception of Exchange students at Master’s level)

August 22-23: Roosta Boot Camp 2021

Registration link: Roosta Boot Camp 2021 (

NB! The event lasts two days, so pack your overnight bag and get ready to take the best out of the two day Boot Camp at Roosta!

Registration guide:

To all the events that registration is needed you can register yourself through After you have registered for a free event and you can not attend, you can cancel it by sending an e-mail to, but not later than a day before the event. Paid events are non-refundable. Although if you have bought a ticket to an event and you can not go, you may sell it to a fellow first-year student and let us know by sending an e-mail to

NB! In order to register yourself, you need to be logged in to your account. You will find all the Introweek events under the subtopic “Events” on top of the page.

Not all of the events need registration. You will find the information under each event.